Friday, 15 May 2015

Craft Stall Seller Apron (For all your bits and bobs!)

Yo yo,
As I was going through some of my fave blogs this morning I came across this little beauty!! If you're anything like me and it's coming up to Craft Fair Season and your still in a muddle with float boxes and keeping my new super duper Pay Pal payment device to hand then here's a wonderful crafty piece for you to get your sewing machines round from Crafty Staci.

Very talented lady alert!!!
 Follow this link here for all the info!

Yorkshire Pud xx

P.s Do you have any advice on keeping your shiz together during the craft fair season?

Monday, 4 May 2015

I lost my bank card!

Evening all and hope you've enjoyed your bank holiday!
Anyone reading this lost their bank card...check? Then their car keys.....check? Late for the appointment they were trying to leave the house to get to....check? Then basically the rest of their day went to shit.....check? I'm not here today to give you some awesome solution as like my last post I can't please everyone I'm just here to talk about craziness and life generally and how when looking back I kind of deal with the situations and try and change my pattern ongoing...through life that is. Writing it down helps me with remembering and then putting the changes in place and basically putting things into perspective.

So this day I lost my bank card, my sunglasses was running late for an appointment for George at hospital (Bank card to pay for parking!!) and then almost all of my day went crackers and I couldn't seem to pull it round. It wasn't until I was in the bath that night and actually started to breathe that I let myself put things into perspective. 

1. The Bank Card disappearing act! Why had I lost it? The reason was because we only have one bank card for our (Family) account so my other half had borrowed it and I wasn't sure where it had ended up? Was it important? Yes! But not unable to be fixed with a bit of forward planning. Should we have a 'safe place'? A place where we both know to put it or should I order another one? hahaha.....ANSWERED!!!

2. Sunglasses for the car journey misplaced. Important...NOPE! Just used my sun visor instead. Clearly not as cool but nothing to lose my cool about! Or just buy a £1 pair of Primarni's and leave them in the car.........SORTED!!!!

3. George's hospital appointment Important....HELL YES!!! But if I'm a bit late then give them a call I'm not normally late for anything like that so what would be the issue running ten mins behind we are usually waiting for the NHS for an hour after our slot anyway!! 
So this is my way of just stating that taking yourself outside of the muddle you find yourself in and when molehills feel like mountains sometimes they are generally not so just chill and enjoy your days and learn from things. Don't waste a perfectly lovely long days with stresses when things can be easily remedied.


Peace out and word up.....THE END

Yorkshire Pud xxx  
**Images from Google Images

Saturday, 2 May 2015

New!! My Little Pony Jewellery

New My Little Pony Jewellery available on our Ebay shop!! Go check it out. Prices starting from £2.65

Yorkshire Pud xxx

Friday, 1 May 2015

Camper Van Pot Mat...Holder Thingy!! Free Pattern!

Oreyt dudes!!
How bloody beautiful are these Camper Van Pot Stands/Holders? FREE PATTERN ALERT!!!! From Suzies Sitcom check them out shes sooooo talented! Think I'm defo going to have a go at these! They look a bit easier than most sewing projects I've seen as a very basic sewer these look scrummy and also will be an excellent way to use up all the scrap fabric I have! Don't forget I still have loads of fabric scraps for sale over on my eBay shop (Look up for the link!)
This ticks all the boxes for me! Retro bit of crafty fun.......Blooming marvellous!

Watch this space!!

Peace out!

Yorkshire Pud xxx

Friday, 17 April 2015

Anyone else come to the conclusion that they are Divergent? What category do I fit into? What kind of blogger am I?

Howdy doody! Bonjour! Eyup! Alright! Hello!

How many different ways can you say hello? or make a greeting? Bit of a different post for me today in the fact that I am truly struggling with content at the minute and in the past I have completely beaten myself up about it. It's because I want to engage and not actually thinking about what makes me happy! When I started my blog a couple of years ago I did it because I was a bit lost in who I was and thought I would document a few things from my life in order to find the real me. During this time I've not built up a very big following and to me that's not super important to me but it does mean that I've not written as much as I would have because I've been nervous about giving the wrong impression. I would however love to thank all those of you that have supported me along the way and do actually enjoy what I do.So the real me?? Who was/is the real me? I still don't know to this day? I find myself some days trying to fit in to a section or category and I can stay there for sometime but I get bored and then try another section i.e One day I'm Vintage the next I'm Sporty Spice! I'm Dauntless then I'm Amity! Anyone else feel like they drift or are you completely 100% comfortable and happy within your zone or faction? It also goes for my personality one minute I can be brave and feisty the next I'm a delicate princess? I honestly blow my own mind!So when it now comes to my blog I see and hear all the talk of keeping your blog to a theme don't deviate out of that theme cause it will put your readers off? What happened to blogging for you and who you are? I totally understand that there are bloggers that make money and it's their job and generally need to keep to a theme but why do I? Is it because it's what I want to do to fit in or what I have to do? Be something I'm not? in answer......YES. I want to fit in! But why?.....Why? It's sometimes easier to fit in and continue than taking risks and standing out putting yourself in the firing line for comments that you might not want to hear or read? In short I'll give you a few examples of how eclectic I am.....

I love.....   
Vintage & Modern
Clutter & Minimalism
White Lies & The Truth
Black & White
Peace & Anarchy
Order & Chaos.......
Cath Kidston & All Saints
Planning &Spontaneity
Being Healthy & McDonalds
Coffee & Tea
Holidays & Staying Home
Selling & Buying
Flowers & Metal Spikes
Rock Music & Classical Music
Shopping & Crafts
80's Retro Cartoons & Disney  
Superheroes & Princesses
Selfish & Selfless 
...And I'm sure there are many more!

I recently watched a film called Divergent and it kind of explained me exactly! Have you ever seen it? I think it's wonderful and it's story has had a very powerful effect on me. I don't fit in to just one area, place, head space and possibly spent the majority of my life thinking that was a bad thing!

.......However today is the day I am finally taking a stand and embracing the the DIVERGENT and ECLECTIC person that I am. From today you will start to see changes to my blog, the jewellery I make and sell and my writing generally. If it doesn't make me happy or reflect who I am I simply wont do it just because I need to. Also if I'm having a goth day I will post something even though it doesn't fit in with my Fairy logo. If I don't want to buy it I won't or I will just because it's for me! Remembering the fundamental words of the infamous Salt N Pepa back in the 80's - 'You only get one life....So Express Yourself!'

Peace out! Laterz, Bye Bye, Toodle Pip!

Yorkshire Pud xx

P.s If you have any kind of Divergent feelings would love to hear from you?

P.p.s Where do you fit in?