Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Becoming a BzzAgent and my first YouTube video (Frizz Ease)!

I'm here to tell you today about me recently becoming a Bzz Agent (yep Im not spelling it wrong). Being a Bzz Agent means you get products sent your home and all you have to do  is spread the fabulous word about them. You start by filling in loads of mini surveys about yourself and then from those Bzz invite you to do campaigns. It's totally in your control and even though you've been invited to take part based on your answers to surveys you then have to apply for them if it's something you'd like to do or more importantly try out - For free!! Find out more details here.

So as part of 'spreading the word' for my first Bzz Campaign one of the options was for me to put together a mini tutorial/review so I thought I'd give it a bash! So here it is.......Yeah Yorkshire Pud is definitely from Yorkshire! Check out my accent haha.

So from my video you can possibly tell I was quite pleased with my first products being sent to me by BzzAgent. Honestly guys it's a great way to try new products and give your opinions on them and more importantly try them for free! You will be seeing more and more of these products up on my blog in the next few months so stay tuned.

Are you involved in anything similar to this? Is it something you'd like to do? Would love to hear from you.

Yorkshire Pud xx

Friday, 28 February 2014

Revamped photo frame for less than a quid!

Here I am again trying to get summert for nowt or next to nowt (As they say in Yorkshire!) So when I picked up this old photo frame it seemed rude not to have a go at jazzing it up.
So here it goes....

Take 1 old photo frame bought from a Charity Shop for 50p
Then these little beauties I bought from eBay ages ago. These are a bit like washi tape but they are on flat card and already cut into strips :) and in loads of different patterns and colours. These were 1.99 for the whole pack with free delivery (From China so did take a couple of weeks - But well worth it!)

Start by taking your photo frame apart (Carefully as I nearly had me finger off with the glass!!) Note to self. So then I was left with the bare frame.
I roughly sanded the front of the frame so that is wasn't as shiny meaning that the tape would stick better to it.
I then started adding strips of the tape from inner to out edge of the frame trying to be as straight as I could.
I continued to do this all the way around the frame (The corners were a bit tricky) And I think it looks awesome! What do you think?
This is the finished article with a picture of me and my lovely fella! It possibly took me around 45 mins to do and that was more trying to keep my tape straight. You could mark it off beforehand but I tend to just throw myself in and hope for the best! haha.

So how much did it cost? 50p for the frame and not even used anywhere near all of the tape I would probably hazard a guess at about 40p's worth. 
So all in all it cost = 90p!! Not bad at all!

Have you made anything recently for next to nothing? It's fab isn't it makes you feel like you've cheated?

YP xx

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Make Money - MARCH!! (Cause maternity pay is shite!)

Well as most of you are aware 15 weeks ago I gave birth to my son George and I am now on maternity leave from work. Before George I never really thought about money other than spend, spend some more and a little bit more. Not that I was earning loads of dosh but without thinking I really lived to my means and for the last couple of days of the month your taking Super Noodles to work for your dinner and thinking about walking in to save petrol! Haha. Sound like you? Now I've had George it's really made me realise the value of money if I'd known then what I know now I would have saved and saved and saved. Maternity pay is shite! Anyone else think so? So with all of the blokes wages looking after the house and other commitments we are virtually left with bugger all however we not in poverty just living differently to before. This made me think...Do you just grab whatever in the supermarket i.e named brands etc...? Do you see that bargain on the Internet and just have to buy it? Someone asks you to go out for the night and you know you don't have enough money but still go anyway? This is totally how me and the bloke lived BG (Before George) You get 136 quid on maternity per week and we cant claim anything else because we've earned too much in the last tax year!! Other than 20 quid a week child benefit! Someone please punch the government in the face! I know that 136 pounds is ok but you cant live on it if you have a house and bills to pay etc...Good job I have my bloke otherwise we wouldn't survive.

So now my rant is over I'm going to start thinking about how I can bring a little more cash into the house pot. So what can I do? Also we have our holiday booked for the end of April! (Bearing in mind I have a new baby in the house)........

Ebay....Generally I'm going to go through my items and see what I could sell that really I'm not doing anything with.

Cash for Clothes....For all the bits and bobs of clothing that no one would want - Normally I would donate to the charity shop however I need to see if I can make a bit of dosh of my unwanted items. (Post will follow with details)

Not spend anything on randoms!.....By randoms I mean that trip to Home Bargains and you end up leaving with a photo frame, new bedding and a years supply of Domestos because it's cheap and amazing! No no no must resist the temptation!

Homemade Crafts and Jewellery.......As most of you are aware I have a little pastime which I haven't really pushed the boundaries of yet and that's making stuff. I'm going to push myself and continue to make more and try and sell them (Fingers Crossed) I generally list on eBay or post pics on Instagram - Feel free to browse my wears haha.

Be more thrifty when weekly shopping....Is there an alternative? Only get what I need (Have a list and plan my meals!) Also use as much stuff in the cupboards before hand and definitely not go shopping when I'm hungry.

Internet Options of making extra dollars!....Whist reading one of my fave blogs A Thrifty Mrs a few weeks ago she wrote about a site called QMEE you literally get paid for surfing the net and clicking on sponsored links etc.. might only be a few pence but it's still that 'every little counts. Also there are a few other ones I will try (Post to follow on this)

Food..By that I don't mean eat less! I just mean less waste - We waste sooooo much food it's unreal by not check sell by dates and not using what's already in to the full capacity. Also George is due to go on solids next month so going to have a go at making my own baby food.

So have I missed anything? Do you have anymore ideas or do you feel the same as me and are living on a tighter budget due to having a family?

March is going to be fun I can see it now!


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Fun FREE Valentines Printables

Ey up, Two things I love are things that are cute and things are FREE!! So again as part of my Valentines idea search here a some free cute printables that can be used as presents.....

You're My Cup of Tea
Find the printable at Crafted by Lindy. Just add a tea bag!

Gorgeous Sweetie Jars
Find more details at The 36th Avenue. Absolutely gorgeous but think I would end up keeping these for myself.

All you need is the Whoopee Cushion that are available from most pound shops. Find more details at Babble there's loads more other freebies on there too.

Valentines Party Printables
Not really heard of a valentines party before but hey ho what ever floats your boat! If thats something that you do the these printables are great! from Birds Party Blog

Hope you have a lovely Valentines Day. Will you be using free printables?

YP xxx

Simple Valentines Food Ideas.....Nom Nom Nom

Hey lovelies (Get it LOVElies!! hahaha) Oh I do amuse myself!
Well this post is about FOOD - Love a bit of grub I do. Us Yorkshire birds know how to put a Sunday dinner away a tell thee.
So going through the old Pinterest again I was looking for some scrummy ideas for the petrol of love. Here are some that I thought I should share cause they are just far too scrummy. I'm not going to have much time on Friday so these ideas are pretty simple to have a crack at. Definitely no royal icing etc....

Watermelon Love Hearts
Simple yet very effective don't you think?.....See here for more details

Carrot Love Hearts
How splendid are these to go on your roast dinner, in a stir fry or in a salad maybe? So cute but not with much effort? Fabulous!

Love Eggs! (Not the ones you're thinking about!)
The Love Eggs were taken from a lovely blog called Homemaker Chic where there are another 25 heart shaped foods for you to have a crack at including her version of the carrots. Absolutely gorgeous!

Strawberry Kebabs
Fabulous heart shaped strawberry kebabs great to eat with dipping chocolate or if you are on a health kick still from the new year then they would be lovely on their own. from the gorgeous blog Blowout Party

Hope this has given you a few ideas on creating some lovely love nibbles for this weekend.

YP xx

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Easy Valentines Craft Ideas - For your home or love grotto!

Love is in the air! Anyone else starting to feel scrumptious and full of love or do you feel like that every day? I'm lucky enough to feel it every day but I still like to celebrate the day of love, however it's going to be slightly different this year after the arrival of our George haha.
Just thought I'd round up a few ideas I found on Pinterest in creating a little extra pizazz to your love nest this year......I might even have a crack at some of these myself cause I'm feeling in the mood for L.O.V.E!

Love Heart Lanterns
I absolutely adore these love heart lanterns and even the kids could get involved with the cutting and the sticking. So pretty and will look great as a valentines dinner centre piece or as a added extra to a fireplace.
You can find details here on how to make them.

Simple Heart Garlands
All that's needed for this is strips of paper and a stapler! Sooooo cute - Definitely going to have a go at this one!

Love Heart Tree Decoration
How gorgeous is this!?? Literally twigs out of the garden and little paper love hearts attached! Make sure all twigs are debugged! haha. Soooo adorable.

Simple Valentines Door Decoration
With this one just grab some paper, scissors and a pencil and get creating your love message. These things don't have to just be confined to a door  you could do this on the fridge, walls or in the garden (Weather permitting) Also be careful on what you attach things with don't want anyone ruining their decor!

Hope some of these have inspired you....Please let me know how you get on (instagram @ypudsvintage - Feel free to tag me in)
Will keep you posted on how my valentines grotto is taking place. More ideas still to come!

YP xx

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Things to make with....Fabric Scraps (Part 1)

Hi Dudes,
As most of you are aware I like to be a bit crafty now and then and I've realised that I end up throwing most of my waste away!!! What!!! I here you cry?? Yeah I know I have been known to throw stuff away that I could reuse which is really important for me NOT to do especially now with me being on maternity I really do need to change my name to Thrifty Pud!
So I thought I would go through my collection of material scraps that I get left over and see what things I could make with them hence the Part 1 bit....In fact I have got that many scraps I have decided to start selling some little packs off on in my eBay shop....If you need some please feel free to visit my eBAy Shop - YpudsVintage

So here goes.........YP's Random Patchwork Cushion

Take a couple of pieces of scrap fabric and line the edges together (If not a straight edge...trim) They don't have to be the same size at all. But make sure that the right sides are facing each other.Continue to do this until you get a nice line linked together of around 3 to 4 pieces (whatever sizes you want to use)
Continue to do this in runs of 3 or 4 pieces.....
Once you've got enough runs (needs to be bigger than what you want your cushion to be) then sew them all together making sure that you trim off the backs as close to the seams as possible.
Now to make the envelope back. For this you will need a larger piece of fabric and 2 pieces are needed. The first piece needs to be added from the bottom up and about two 3rds up your cushion you then need to fold back twice about 5cms thick and pin in place. This is your outer flap (Will be seen) (Please ignore the patchwork part this needs to be facing up - This is just to show you the trim on the back)
The second section needs to go from the top down about two 3rds up from the bottom do a double fold around again but around 1.5cms thick (This is your inner flap)
Once both parts are in place decide how large you want your cushion to be and pin the surround in place.
Sew around the edges with a straight running stitch to give you a neat edge once turned round and then a zig zag stitch just further out to hold together and to stop any fraying. Once all edges are sewn down turn partly inside out and straight stitch along your pinned folds to neaten off the edges on the envelope.
Once all excess cotton is removed turn the whole thing the right way round and iron. Your cushion cover is complete!
So what do you think? Easy peasey lemon squeezy? Yeah it's not too bad just takes a little patience and practice :)
If you need me and get stuck or need any help just give me a shout..

Thanks for taking the time to have a looksy!


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

New eBay Bargain dress!

Just thought I'd tell you about my super duper eBay bargain. Check out this Asos polka dot dress!!! It's soooooo vintagey (is vintagey a word?) and managed to pick it up for £13.35 I was bidding against clearly another fan so I would have got it cheaper but how lovely is it?? Well worth it. 

Do you buy much from eBay? If so what's your best or favourite bargain? Love a bit a rockabilly vintage!!

Yp xxx