Sunday, 18 October 2015

Very Quick, Easy and Cheap! Sugar Skull Halloween Make-up Tutorial

Hey guys,
Well it's my actual favourite time of the year again!!! HALLOWEEN!!! And with it coming up I thought  I'd do a quick makeup tutorial of the infamous sugar skulls that are everywhere at the moment. To be fair there's no right or wrong way of doing this make up so let yourself be free!!!
It used a face whitener from a Poundland pack and yes it was a £1!! My Urban Decay Naked 2 palette but can be any black eyeshadow. MUA Poptastic Eyeshadow Pallet -£3 and MUA lip liner in Red Drama - £1 and most of the work was done by a none brand black pencil eyeliner possibly about a quid too!!! Very cheap but very effective!!
Enjoy!! Xxx

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Day 119 of #yorkshirepudchildhoodheroes

The kind of impossible water ring toss pump button thingy!!!!! How impossible was this though!?! You could even tip it and turn it upside down!!! Absolute nightmare but kept me busy for hours!!!! Hahaha #80s #80schild #childhood #childhoodheroes #80stoys #watergame

Who remembers this?!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Day 118 of #yorkshirepudchildhoodheroes

So who had this doll and who loved it more than than the world?? Well who loved this doll and wanted to love it more than the world but didn't actually have it??.....oh yeah ME!!!!!!! This doll is from 1983!! Over 30 years ago bloody hell she was awesome any other Rainbow Brite fans out there? #80s #80stoys #rainbowbrite #rainbowbright #80sdoll #rainbow

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Only 7 more followers!!!!

Only 7 more likes away on Facebook until Yorkshire Puds 500 Facebook followers giveaway!!! Are you following on Facebook?.................Yey!!!!

Friday, 31 July 2015

Can a box subscription give your life meaning?.....YES! - My Little Box Review

Hey Everyone,
For those of you that have been reading my blog for a while you will have noticed that my style flits from one thing to another i.e purple hair with joggers or vintage with a hint of hippie! I honestly move from one thing to another and don't really know what style for everything I actually revert back to?? UNTIL NOW!!! Boooooooom!

A few months ago I created a post stating that I'd signed up to My Little Box  in this post here. So I received my first box.......and instantly I was hooked!!! And by each box I am more and understanding my style which is clearly.....PARISIAN!!! (And I've never been to Paris!) With a touch of Bohemian. It's the first box subscription I've found that I think is perfect value for money and also all it's contents is usable, interesting and most of all very very ME!
So here goes...

Box 1 - My Little Super Box
Who doesn't think they have an inner Super Hero within them?....Errrrrrm NO ONE!! We all love a bit of power and this box was just about that! Fabulous T-Shirt as well inside.

Box 2 - My Little Dream Box
I'm a dreamer and this was perfect! The lovely little cloud card inside which was a Walt Disney Quote which was right up my street! The stamp is now being used on all my out going product from my shop as a wonderful little extra.

Box 3 - My Little Provence Box
Although never visiting Provence it pulled me straight in with it's contents including..a cross stitch your own gold cuff! Sooooo me!

Box 4 - My Little French Riviera Box
Again never visiting The French Riviera this box is all new to me however I have to admit this is my most favourite box of all up to now. As I type this I'm sporting the blue nail polish by Sarah Lavoine  wonderful designer check out her website. I also have the sunglasses...yes....sunglasses upon my head.

Box 5 - My Little Road Trip Box
My last box for a while as I wait with fingers tapping together for the next one! This box was a fun box and included a wonderful travel wallet in which I will definitely be using in September for our family trip to Portugal.

So as far as it goes I can feel I will be subscribed to this box until the end of time and I am ever thankful for the answers it has given me regards me style. You will loads more post on here regarding My Little Box and also my new found 'style' that I have found from it! Thanks My Little Box!!

Yorkshire Pud xxx

P.S Does Anyone else subscribe to this box? Do you find it equally as fantastic as I do?

Monday, 20 July 2015

Day 117 of #yorkshirepudchildhoodheroes

The original 80s Jelly Bag!!! How fantastic was this!?! I still have my original in the loft somewhere I so need to get this out! I can remember going out on school trips ans taking this with my lunch in it and yeah you could see everything I had that was the cool part. The My Little Pony lunch box definately got relegated for this. Did you have one of these? You can actually still get them too from Sunjellies and at amazing prices! Beautiful xxxx #80s #80schild #childhood #childhoodheroes #80sfashion #fbloggers #lbloggers #fashion #vintage #retrofashion

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Yorkshire Pud's 50 things to do in 6 months!....Feel free to join in.

Hey wonderful people.

After the last few crazy years it's been a while since I challenged myself to a list of 50 'To Dos'
So as this year is half way through I thought I would set myself a 6 months challenge so I'll set it for the end of January 2016. Plus need to get my arse into gear quick smart as I'm slacking with a few things and more importantly Feburary is the time myself and my other half are going for a mortgage so definately need to get a few things in order for then and thought this might bang on the pressure. 

This list of personal challenges covers family, crafts, finance, business, home, christmas and more!

Please feel free to join in the challenge and please keep me posted on your achievements or send me the links to your blog's if it's something you want to do or use the hashtag #yps6m50 on Instagram or Twitter - Dont forget to let me know otherwise I can't keep up hahaha.

So here goes...........

#1 Have a duvet Day (At least 1)
#2 Sort out my finances and file|organise my paperwork in a pretty way!
#3 Go to a bonfire party!
#4 Use some lovely nail varnishes (My own and others)
#5 Bake something (Never baked before so should be fun)
#6 Declutter! Reduce my hoarding and re-organise. Everything in it's place.
- My Clothes
- My Shoes
- My Bags
- My Make Up
- My Rooms in the house including George's Room and all the stuff I've collected over the last 20 months!
- My Garden
- My Crafts
#7 Take walks in the leaf blanketed woodlands
#8 Prepare yourself for the possible outbreak of snow - check your hat, scarf and mitten/Glove collection
#9 Have a beauty evening including face pack and cucumber the lot
#10 Collect woodland treats to make Christmas decor
#11 Enjoy the sunshine while it's still here.
#12 Do something Christmassy!
#13 Send out 5 thank you cards – Just thanking people for anything!
#14 Save money in every way possible, leftovers, coupons, recycle etc....
#15 Get walking!
#16 Watch a classic film that I haven’t seen before
#17 Make a Sunday Roast (Not done this before!! hahaha)
#18 Embrace the produce that autumn has to offer. Overload on root veggies and fruits.
#19 Throw out all my holey tights and invest in new ones - heavy deniers welcome!
#20 Get some good reads and enjoy them by the fire/radiator/under the duvet
#21 Knit or crochet something = learn, learn, learn!!
#22 Make a cushion
#23 Make some preserves - these could be little favours for friends
#24 Make a big batch of soup
#25 Write a poem
#26 Make a Christmas playlist.
#27 Do crafts with friends
#28 Carve a pumpkin/Do the halloween thing!
#29 Make some felt crafts
#30 Do a craft stall or carboot 
#31 Hit my goal weight and stick to my diet with new recipes, snacks and treats!
#32 Watch 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'
#33 See the sea!
#34 Brew some mulled wine
#35 Update an old piece of furniture
#36 Upload at least 6 Videos to Youtube (1 per month!)
#37 Get some new winter slippers
#38 Keep the sweet jar stocked, in case of emergencies
#39 Make an autumn/winter craft feature for my home
#40 Dust off my slow cooker and fill it with stew-y goodness
#41 Do some top notch Christmas wrapping with a few crafty pieces
#42 Get in the snow! (If it does if not create some!)
#43 Learn new ways to clean and sort
#44 Do something for Charity
#45 Find out all my Christmas Film Collection and watch.
#46 Get a Christmas tree and decorate accordingly
#47 Find some charity shop bargains.
#48 Do something cultured by going to a museum or a gallery.
#49 Blog photographs of my city and post about it
#50 Make things pretty!

......And breathe!!

Here's hoping I/We smash it!! Thanks for reading lovelies

Yorkshire Pud xx

Day 116 of #yorkshirepudchildhoodheroes

The Thermos that matched your lunchbox!!! My Little Pony Style!!! As I recall I seemed to have this exact one!!! Would love to know where it went? If anyone finds one please let me know. Mine was always filled with dilute orange and you could never get the smell fully out!! Which one did you have? The thermos would fit perfectly in your lunch box it was amazing!!!! Don't forget all my ramblings are on my blog along with some other shiz  #thermos #thermosflask #80sthermos #80schild #lunchbox #80slunchbox #mylittlepony #mlpg1 #mlp #retromlp #retro #retromylittlepony