Monday, 16 March 2015

Labyrinth Worm......What a legend!!!! #yorkshirepudchildhoodheroes #labyrinth #labyrinthworm

My little She-Ra. I ... have ... the Power!!!!!!!

Jem and The Holograms

My Little Box....I've subscribed!

Hey All,This has been a long time coming but after finally taking the plunge I've subscribed to My Little Box  @£14.95 a month including p&p I think that's amazing!!! Does anyone else subscribe to this? I've seen it so many times on other blogs and I officially am really jealous every time I see it. This time I was checking out one of my favorite blogs Dreams that Glitter by Beau and she talks about it so highly so thought I would give it a go so thanks Beau! The Little Boxes all have a theme and all have a little magazine in them that cover issues related to and what's in the box, beauty treats, stationery, fun gifts and sometimes something to wear like last months box! So for now I'm going to clasp my hands together excitedly and wait for it to arrive! I will however continue to browse the website.....and look at the beautiful pics (see below) and in the words of the infamous Carpenters! STOP WHAO YEAH WAIT A MINUTE MR POSTMAN! x

Monday, 9 March 2015

International Women's Day 2015???.....It was yesterday you know.

Hey there just a quickie!

How many people actually knew it was International Women's Day yesterday before they saw someone post about it on the various social media sites we troll through on a Sunday? Hands up I had no idea what so ever!!! Do you think that a day for all the women in the world should have been marketed a bit better? Only me thinking this? Well next year I plan to celebrate my gender in style!! Mr Pud can make the puddings that Sunday I tell ya! ;)

Yorkshire Pud

P.s Did you know it was IWD?

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Organising Chaos - The room from hell!!......Help needed!!

Hi peeps,

I have the lovely luxury (Or massive job) of having our little back bedroom all to myself (Mr Pud got the garage!) But now begs the question….What shall I do with it? At the moment it's an absolute tip!

As you can see it’s not in a good way! And this is due to the fact that it’s been our little dumping room for the last couple of years and not anything else. It currently houses my over stock of clothes, wrapping paper, some craft supplies, all my make up and jewellery etc and gerneral house shite!... What can I do? what would you do with it if you had a room all to yourself?
Here are a few ideas....some are very wishful thinking.....
Wowzer!! this would be like having my very own Zara! Not sure Mr Pud would approve of having better wardrobes in the spare room than in our bedroom and them all being for me!

This is a little bit of a mix up! Bit of accessories and craft all together.

This one is totally my style!! Love white and more white the better think it looks beautiful and clean. Got a real thing for loads of compartments too.

This one I would say is more realistic for what I need as this is possibly the right amount of storage and stuff for the amount of craft supplies I have! Little bit of white thrown in there which means I can get my sewing machine back from my mum's house and move some of my stuff out of Mr Puds garage.

I’m really stuck between having it as a craft/stock room? Or a little dressing room boudoir? Or could it be both? I’m not sure and really confused this room is sucking out my creativity and need help! Haha.

What do you think dudes? Would the world be your oyster or would it be one of those situations like it is for me you have so many thoughts and ideas that you cant seem to pick one?

Ideas welcome all....Yorkshire Pud xxx
P.s If you need me I will be scrolling Pinterest!

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Yorkshire Pud Childhood Heroes - Days 1 to 60

Hi There,

It’s me again long time no speak/see or hear. Believe it or not Yorkshire Pud as a business has been majorly busy! eBay has gone crazy which is fabulous and we've now taken over our full stall at the Sheffield TNB Indie Arcade so had to stock stock stock! But sadly it has meant less of my ramblings on here which I've missed! So now I’m back! (Please feel free to hold me to this and shout 'Oi Pudding where the bloody hell are you?')

For all of you lovely peeps out there that follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will have noticed since the 1st of Jan 2015 I’ve been running a photo a day challenge aptly named #yorkshirepudchildhoodheroes the items I post daily are coming from all the nooks and crannies of my ‘past living’ mind. There has already been a mixture from the 80s and 90s including cartoons, toys, films, fashion, shops and activities and I’m so pleased of the following and interaction it’s had!  – As most of you are aware I generally live in the past, my work is based on the past so I thought I’d take the bringing in of the New Year 2015 as an opportunity to dig up some childhood memories, a bit of a challenge and hopefully get peoples retro and vintage memories back up there. So I’d like to share with you January’s and Feburary’s pics 1-60….Do you remember any of these (Take a deep breath and prepare for a massive trip down memory lane! and grab a cup of tea cause your gonna need it!!)

Day 1 - Fashion Wheel
Day 2 - Exclamation Perfume
Day 3 - Sink Tap Shower Divider Thingy Me Bob
Day 4 - Opal Fruits & Marathon Bars
Day 5 - Brown Lip Liner
Day 6 - Shell Suits
Day 7 - Jem Doll
Day 8 - Gordon The Gopher
Day 9 - Petite Post Office
Day 10 - Brownies
Day 11 - POB
Day 12 - Fun House

Day 13 - Puma Disc & Reebok Pump
Day 14 - Horse Rocker In Park
Day 15 - Whimpy
Day 16 - Plastic Dummies
Day 17 - Glow In The Dark Stars
Day 18 - Tiffany - I Think Were Alone Now
Day 19 - Inspector Gadget
Day 20 - Co-op Dividend Stamps
Day 21 - Tonka Keys Keepers
Day 22 - Spokie Dokies
Day 23 - Hungry Hippos Game
Day 24 - Fiendish Feet Yoghurts

Day 25 - Jaw Breakers
Day 26 - Green Claws
Day 27 - Funny Bones Book
Day 28 - Mcdonalds Nugget Happy Meal Toys
Day 29 - Salon Selectives/ Wella Hair Toners
Day 30 - Mood Ring
Day 31 - Dancing Coke Can
Day 32 - Milk Float
Day 33 - Willow The Wisp
Day 34 - Penguin Falls
Day 35 - Hologram Necklaces
Day 36 - Ah-Ha Take On Me
Day 37 - Shoe People
Day 38 - Lucozade In Plastic Wrapping
Day 39 - Raggy Dolls
Day 40 - Dewberry Perfume from The Body Shop
Day 41 - Wizbit
Day 42 - 3,2,1 with Dusty Bin
Day 43 - Ski Pants
Day 44 - Pink Custard - School Dinners
Day 45 - 80's Mix Tapes
Day 46 - The Dinosaurs Kids TV Show
Day 47 - Strawberry Supermousse
Day 48 - The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe (BBC Edition)
Day 49 - Trap Door
Day 50 - Mallett's Mallet
Day 51 - Sooty, Sweep and Sue
Day 52 - Cherry Lips (soap sweets)
Day 53 - Button Moon
Day 54 - Mini Back Pack Keyring Type Thing
Day 55 - Bumbag
Day 56 - Global Hypercolor T-shirt
Day 57 - Stick on Earrings
Day 58 - Wizardora
Day 59 - Mini Piano Song Book
...Day 60 - Childrens school deck magnetic with chalkboard!!!
We got there!!!

I promise to catch up sooner next time!!

Yorkshire Pud xx

P.s What sticks out for you from your childhood memories? Do any of these spring to mind? would love to hear from you.