Saturday, 1 October 2016

50 Things To Do In Autumn and Winter Challenge!.........2nd Time Lucky!

Hey Lovelies!
Well its officially the beginning of October and I'm officially starting this blog post a month late however let try and have a crack at it. I tried to do this 4 years ago (Blog post here) but failed miserably but I have been wanting to do it again ever since but 2 children, 2 house moves later and I feel I'm ready to have another crack at it.
I've adapted this list in order for it to fit in more with family life however if you don't have children and want to have a bash see the one from the old blog post above. You'll see the ones I've changed as some are virtually impossible with little ones. i.e Number 1 in the old list is...Have a Duvet Day! #nochancenow Hahaha. If you are doing it please leave me your Blog/Twitter etc details below so I can have a nosey.
This challenge will have it's own page in the sidebar so you can have a nosey yourself when things are completed.


Yorkshire Pud xx

#1 Get orgnaised in the home (This can be anything!)
#2 Experiment with Winter Makeup/Nail Varnish
#3 Enjoy some fireworks!
#4 Have a gathering with friends and family
#5 Bake something...This should be fun!
#6 Turn the bathroom into a spa for yourself.
#7 Go for walks......wherever the pram wheels can go!
#8 Check everyone's hat glove and scarf situation ready for the cold.
#9 Have a face mask 
#10 Collect woodland treats to make Christmas decor
#11 Experiment with different types of tea
#12 Survey your/the local horse chestnut trees for conkers
#13 Send out 5 thank you cards – Just thanking people for anything!
#14 Go to the theatre or a show 
#15 Wear your biggest cuddliest jumper! Or find one!
#16 Watch a classic film that I haven’t seen before 
#17 Make the ultimate Sunday Roast 
#18 Find some charity shop bargains for you or the home.
#19 Throw out all my holey tights and invest in new ones - heavy deniers welcome!
#20 Find and watch some good TV box-sets and review
#21 Start a new craft...Research and see where it goes!
#22 Make some Christmas crafts with the kids.
#23 Make some preserves - these could be little favours for friends
#24 Make a big batch of soup
#25 Do something for you!
#26 Make a Christmas playlist.
#27 Do crafts with friends/kids
#28 Carve a pumpkin...Happy Halloween!
#29 Have lunch in a country pub, Yorkshire puddings and the lot!
#30 Surprise someone with a morning coffee and breakfast in bed 
#31 Get re-aquainted with my PJ's
#32 Watch 'Arthur Christmas' ...Great as my boy is called Arthur!
#33 Find your perfect winter bag/baby bag
#34 Brew some mulled wine
#35 Update an old piece of furniture
#36 Prepare an autumnal/winter care package for my cupboard 
#37 Get some new winter slippers
#38 Keep the sweet jar stocked, in case of emergencies
#39 Make an autumn/winter craft feature for my home
#40 Make a stew using the great Autumn root veggies available
#41 Do some top notch Christmas wrapping with a few crafty pieces
#42 Get in the snow! (If it does if not create some!) 
#43 Go to a Christmas Market/Fair
#44 Do something for Charity
#45 Find out all my Christmas Film Collection and watch.
#46 Decorate and make your Christmas Tree look fabulous this year!
#47 What's your style? if you don't know find one or who's your icon?
#48 Do something cultured by going to a museum/gallery or point of interest.
#49 Blog photographs of my city and post about it
#50 Enjoy my birthday!! Not a hard one but it's happening this month!
(50 is optional! hahaha)

..........And Breathe!